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Priya & Jigar
11 April 2018
Hi All. I can't believe that I'm actually writing my success story. Let me start :) Jigar sent n invitation which i accepted. We texted few times and then we stopped. He didn't text me for about two weeks which didn't bother me either. After that two weeks, one morning i received his text saying that he thinks I'm no more interested. Well, i then replied that i thought he was the one not interested. :D From that day on we kept on planning to meet as i live in London and he lives outside London. Well, we finally met after 4 months in and uthenticaItlin restaurant ;) We actually didn't expect much but to our surprise, we both liked each other. We re compatible and perfect match. We didn't stop texting and calling since then. We meet every weekend. I met his parents & family members and we're living the perfect life. We spoke about marriage and should be for the end of the year. (Yet to be confirmed) :D It is not easy to find someone genuine online. I felt the same before meeting Jigar. It was hard to get request from people that do not match you and those who match will just disappear. But there will be that ONE time, where the person whom is meant to be, will eventually find his way to you and STAY. I met my mate & partner and we both heartily thanks to team for giving us the chance to find someone out of our busy lives. Thank you. Jigar & Priya