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Pooja & Ankit
04 March 2019
Chat mangni pat Shaadi We exchanged our kundils in Nov 18 & met on 30th Dec 18 & then on 3rd Jan 19 with families. Both our parents had made their decisions and had started wedding plans among themselves. All were waiting for me & Ankit to give our decisions. We both felt some connection in our initial meets but were confused & nervous. We planned to visit each others cities & tired to understand the lifestyles we were brought up in. We had amazing & memorable visits to two different cities. We both had made our decisions but none of us had yet expressed. It was 10th Jan 19 late afternoon we both were in balcony, I was about to leave his city when I asked him, So kya lagta hai?? What are your feelings, thoughts?? He smiled and said Its a YES!! We both treasure our meets & the best moments. 15th Feb 18 we got happily engaged forever. Its true, pairs are made in heaven.. I could never image in this century arrange marriages can be so happily be successful just in span of 12 days. Big thanks to team. We belong to near by cities with many mutual contacts but never meet. made it happen. Thank you.