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Akash & Bhumi
24 May 2020
There is always someone made for you, and helped us to find our better half who lived miles apart from each other. One lives in India and another lives in USA. Yes Shaadi is the platform where our story #AaBh was born. Never imagined that we will find our half soul this inconceivable way. Although it is described as a arranged but due to our unique story, we would like to call it as a love marriage. Lets start with how it all began, firstly we have exchanged our bio data with the reference of and then we started to talk in August 2019 and to be precise it was started on August 06 2019. From the first call everything felt like amazing and comfortable. Weird but we did our first video at midnight. As human nature, when you're seeing someone first time you put some extra efforts and this is for your rest of life so obviously you would definitely like to look best, but we did it without even thinking of it and thats what make us comfortable. Not only for this, but we never gave any extra efforts to make it work. All comes naturally and without giving second thought. May be that is a reason why we are here today. Within a week our family meet has been done too but we havent met as he was in USA and I was here in India. Then our long distance arrange relation got stronger by the time and after 3 months we started to think to get marry. Without seeing each other how someone can decide to get marry? this is the question which is still in some peoples mind even at the beginning it was hard for us to get digest and also still sometimes we think that how we decided? How we took this big decision? How all started and how we made it? There was lots of questions and uncertainties about our future. But if you are made for each other and trust each other, destiny will get you together. Now, the one of the best day of our life came when he landed on 16th Feb, 2020 and we met first time on airport. We wont forget that moments and day for our rest of life as everything was just perfect and couldnt ask first meet better than that. Then, we started to drive towards his home, suddenly from nowhere he asked to stop car on riverfront road and there was his family waiting for us. He proposed me in front of them, and I was feeling like numb for the second like whats going on. And also same time I was feeling like I am on cloud seven. I said YES....!!. Then we got ritually got engaged on February 18th, 2020 and followed by we enjoyed our short engagement period and all rituals taken place and we got married on February 27th, 2020. Yet our names are opposite of each other - Bhumi-Akash, we are one for the world. #