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Komal & Sunil
05 May 2002
Dear Mamta,

Thanks a lot for your congratulations and all the services you provided for finding me a perfect lifepartner. We both are very thankful to team. I am sending a few photos of our engagement.

About my story at, it was a quiet an interesting experience. After registering on your site I got many responses and even I responded to some profiles posted on your site, of which one was of Komal. Though Komal and myself were staying in the same city and our parents were aquainted, it was because of that I interacted with Komal's elder sister staying in US, who had posted her profile. We interacted about our family details and the kind of parter being sought for.

Finally, Komal's parents came to our place and met me and invited us to come and meet Komal. Then we went to their house and that was the first time I met her. We discussed a while and then later on chatted on phone, and realised that we were made for each other. It was only a few days that we knew each other, but it resonated that we knew each other for ages. It was like a dream come true. Both our families accepted us whole heartedly.

Finally, on the 28th April 2002, we formally got engaged. The date of marriage is not yet fixed. I will be mailing it you later. All this would not have been possible without your site. Thank you all once again.