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Solomon & Angelina
05 April 2011
Hi I have been meaning to do this for a while now. I was initially reluctant to put my profile up on I am glad today that I did. I was in a very unhealthy marriage for 8 years before it ended in 2006. Due to which, I was not willing to meet anyone in person leave alone via an online dating website. I could not bring myself to trust again. After much compulsion from my friend, I put up my profile on in 2007 and figured since I was divorced I would only acknowledge people with the similar background. So the "looking out" started. My "match" did not happen immediately; I spoke to a few and met up with a couple of them. Eventually, Solomon expressed interest in January, 2008. I was apprehensive as he was not married before and was not sure if he would be able to understand me or for that matter if his family will ever agree. With much apprehension I accepted his interest a few weeks later. We initially exchanged emails for a couple of weeks before we spoke. Our first conversation lasted 7 hours :) We spoke the same language, we came from the same religious background, and it almost felt like it was arranged by our families. I lived in Michigan and Solomon decided to surprise me one snowy March weekend, for the first time in his life, he missed his flight but did not get discouraged by it and waited for 15 hours at the New York JFK airport to catch the next available one to come and see me. We only got to spend a limited time with each other before he had to return back to New York. We dated long distance for a year and a half, and visited India to talk and to introduce ourselves and the parents to each other. His parents just like himself have not once made me feel any different with reference to my prior marital status. It is almost like it never happened. After our trip to India, we decided that it would be easier to live in the same city, cost effective too :) We had our legal ceremony in a court house in Michigan before I moved to New Jersey and we got married five months later in India before God and our family. It?s been over a year since we have been married and over 3 years that we have been together and I finally understand how happy one can be in a marriage. Like Solomon once said ?relationships are like experiments and some work and some do not?. I am happy I decided to start another experiment called ?a relationship with Solomon? with the help of I hope others like me do too.