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Tarandeep Bakshi & Mandeep Kaur
04 March 2023
I, Tarandeep Singh Bakshi saw Mandeep Kaur profile on which is an Indian matrimony Website in September 2022 and sent her the request to connect, which she accepted and shared her contact number to be contacted directly, When I first rang her I asked her how she is and all that and later asked her about her previous marriage and how it end up with divorce which she shared her details. After she asked me about myself and about my previous marriage and how it did ended up which I shared all the details and I told her that I have 2 daughters and if we get to know each other would she have any issues to accept my daughter which she replied that Kids are gift of god, if you and your ex didnt get along that well, its not a kids fault and she would accept and love them as her own kids. After few talks we thought its good to know each other more and started talking over the phone and Whatsapp video and audio calls every day for few days then she told me to talk to her mother whom I did and her mother liked me when I talked to her. So we started having feelings for each other and were ready to take our relationship to next level for which I told her to talk to my daughter Natalia and Alia which she did and kids were happy to talk to her and she even enjoyed the conversation with kids. In November 2022 I proposed her over the phone as I made up my mind that she is the right girl for me and I should marry her and even kids like her and accepted her to be their mother, which she did accepted with all her open heart and we all decided to meet each other Physically and spend quality time together to know each other more. So I decided to meet her and told her that am planning to visit India and bring kids Natalia and Alia along with me to India to meet you. As I have my own business it makes really hard to leave early for me other than in Christmas holidays and kids also finish School and have holidays during Christmas. So I started planning everything and wanted to buy a wedding ring for Mandeep Kaur before I go to India so I went to Costco and bought a wedding ring. I applied for the visa to India and once I and the kids got Visa I booked the tickets to India for 29th Dec and when we reached India Delhi Airport Mandeep kaur was there to welcome us all at Delhi Airport she booked a cab from Patiala which is 6 hrs journey to Delhi Airport and waited at the Airport till we arrived, We were all very excited to meet and see each other but Alia Saw her at the first sight and called her Mum, Mandeep kaur as well saw her and hugged the kids and welcomed them. Then we hugged each other and we all travelled 6 hrs via Cab to Patiala by the time we reached it was mid night and Mandeep Kaur took us all to her house were we all stayed together. We started spending time together and kids were also very happy that I found them a mother who is so much caring and loving to them. Next morning when we all woke up Mandeep Kaur cooked the breakfast for all of us and then she took us to the nearest shops and for small shopping experience, where kids enjoyed it and then in the afternoon we all had a lunch together at the restaurant. Next Day we planned to take kids out for a movie at PVR to watch Avatar in 3D version and we all enjoyed the movie. And every day we were getting close to each other and kids were as well having great experience and getting close to Mandeep Kaur. Next day we started shopping for our wedding dresses and other weddings stuff. We all drove to Phugwara in Punjab to Ashu di Hatti a shop for traditional Indian weddings dresses and clothes. Kids enjoyed and the look and feel of the Indian wedding dresses Alia Wanted to buy and wear Lehnga on wedding and Natalia Wanted to buy and wear Sharara on wedding and I bought a Wedding suit for myself and for Mandeep Kaur She bought a Wedding Lehnga and when I saw her in Lehnga i was so happy as she looked very pretty and beautiful and even kids liked her wedding dress, Kids and Mandeep Kaur then spent almost whole day buying more dresses. It was awesome experience for everyone. Every day we use to go and shopping for our wedding to buy bits and pieces as per our culture and tradition. We also went to book and test the food where our wedding was going to take place which was at Hotel KT Royal in Sangrur Punjab. Few Days I think on 12th Jan 2023 before our wedding we had a traditional Indian pooja done at home by the priest to get blessing from the god for our good future as a couple and good health for all us as family. Everyone was so happy and excited when I Sent Digital wedding invitation card my Uncle and Aunt, cousins and friends and invited them come to my wedding and give us blessing for our future as a couple. On 15th Jan My friend Supriya and her son Sehaj Came to join us on our wedding, kids were happy to see her and we all went to Gurudwara Shri Dukhniwaran Sahib, Patiala to Bring the holy water from the pond in temple which is our tradition as the bride and groom had to take bath with this water on the day of wedding before getting ready. Finally the day came 16th Jan 2023 My wedding day for which all of us were waiting for. All us woke up around 5 am in morning as Mandeep Kaur had to go to MBM Makeup Studio Patiala to get herself ready for wedding day. Kids also had to go to get there hair done which was some saloon. Supriya my friend and I Both got kids dressed with the traditional Indian outfits which they bought for the wedding day. Natalia and Alia were looking so beautiful in these dresses and they were so happy on the day. All my family members my cousins and my uncle and Aunts started arriving at home and It was time for me to get dressed now and tie my turban and when I tied my turban after 17 years I was looking really beautiful after getting fully dressed in wedding suit and all my family praised me that I look really beautiful in turban and even kids are really pretty and beautiful in these Indian outfits. By the time got dressed it was time for me to go and Pickup Mandeep from Makeup studio as she was dressed and waiting for the driver to come and pick her up but I was excited and wanted to see her first before anyone else so I went with driver to pick her up When I reach the studio and saw Mandeep dressed in her wedding outfit my god she looked so pretty and beautiful at this point I was so happy and thanked god for giving me such a beautiful, caring and loving wife and mother for my kids. MBM Makeup Studio Patiala took our picture as a couple and of Mandeep once she got ready to post it on their Facebook page. When we came home everyone was waiting and really loved Mandeeps Makeup and dress as she looked really beautiful. Now it was time for my Sehra bandi where cousin sister had to tie a Sehra on my head which she did. Now it was time for us to drive to Gurudwara Jyotisar Sahib (Temple) where our Anand Karaj (Wedding ritual) were going to take place and few of my cousins and Mandeep Kaur parents were already at Gurudwara Jyotisar Sahib waiting for all of us. All our rituals were completed in timely manner and my family members and Mandeeps Family members gave us blessing for our future as a couple. So we were officially married couples now and I once again thanked god for everything. After this we went to Hotel KT Royal in sangrur where our wedding party was booked for. Everyone when reached the hotel was dancing on the beats of Indian drums. The party took place and everyone gave us blessing and enjoyed the Snacks served before main course. After eating snacks it was time for me and Mandeep Kaur to perform our ring ceremony where we exchanged the rings and everyone came and gave us blessings and sagan. Mandeep and My family members were all really happy for us as a couple and told us you both look awesome together. My Daughters Natalia and Alia were also really happy to be blessed with mother who is so much caring and loving to them. After the Ring ceremony we all sat together and ate food and enjoyed it. After eating food it was time for all of us to dance on Djs music where we all danced and had an amazing time together as a family. After this we had some more Indian Rituals performed by Mandeeps Family and everyone once again blessed us. Me and Mandeep were really tired and wanted some rest and wanted to go home once the party finished. We all Drove back home and where last ritual was performed by my Aunty before we stepped in the house.